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Getting To Know The Next Generation Of Video Gamers

For those growing up in 2019, however, anything with a screen can be a gaming platform. Read the article and view the video here.

Can You Really Be Addicted To Video Games?

The latest research suggests it’s not far-fetched at all — especially when you consider all the societal and cultural factors that make today’s games so attractive. Read the article here.

Game ON! Newsletter Featuring Top Anticipated Holiday Games And More

The October issue of Nielsen’s Game ON! Newsletter. Download the newsletter here.


Esports streamers with millions of generation Z fans are the next frontier for brands. Read the article here.

Battle Of The Battle Royales: Fortnite’s Console Dominance Unfazed By Newest Challenger

In the gaming space, the Battle Royale category (a last-man-standing survival game) recently skyrocketed to prominence – most notably via the rapid ascension of Epic Games’ Fortnite, which has arguably become a recognized household brand. Read the article here.

GAME ON! September Newsletter from Nielsen

The September issue of the GAME ON! Newsletter from Nielsen takes a look at Borderlands 3 and more. Read it here.

Inspired By Video Game, Teenage Girl Leaves Home And Travels 10 Cities In 18 Days

The 15-year-old from Uttarakhand got so addicted to Taxi Driver 2 that she wanted to be on the move constantly and ran away from home to live her life like in the mobile game. Read the article here.

U.S. Teen Wins $3 Million At Video Game Tournament Fortnite World Cup

American teenager Kyle Giersdorf won $3 million on Sunday in New York after taking the top prize in a tournament for the popular online video game Fortnite. Read the article here.

Game On: Video Games Are A Staple Among Millennials’ Media Diets

Millennials were the first generation to grow up with widespread access to video games, and they’re just as active gamers as they were when they were growing up—if not more so. Read the research here.

Parents’ Ultimate Guide to Esports

Now that esports is in high schools across the country, your teen gamer can justify gaming as “training” — and maybe even win a college scholarship. Read the blog from Common Sense Media here.