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Teens Help Seniors Stay Engaged By Offering Tech Tutoring

Teens teach seniors how to best use technology to reach out to loved ones, which has become increasingly important while they are forced to keep distance because of national COVID-19 concerns. Read the article here.

Under Lockdown, U.S. Teens Turn To TikTok For Life Hacks, Laughs

Millions of U.S. teenagers shut up in their homes and receiving their education online are turning for morale support and comic relief to each other – via immensely popular video sharing apps like TikTok. Read the article here.

Social Media Challenge Has Teens Trying To get COVID-19

A new social media challenge could have your child licking different public objects to possibly get the coronavirus. Read the article here.

Gaming Usage Up 75% Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Video streaming has also seen a bump, up 12 percent during peak usage hours. Read the article here.

12 Teens On Being Stuck At Home Because Of The Coronavirus

“I’ve been doing what Gen Z does. I’ve adapted, I’ve overcome, and I’ve been on my phone too much.” Read the article here.

Limit Social Media, Hike Communication As Teen Anxiety Increases Over COVID-19

Uncertainty during pandemic tough for teens. Read the article here.

Audible To Provide Free Audiobooks For Children & Teens During COVID-19 Pandemic

Audiobook powerhouse Audible launches Audible Stories. Read the article here.

Prom Might Be Cancelled, But TikTok Teens Have Backup Plans

Students were upset, but worked out ways to prom from home. Read the article here.