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What A New Study Reveals About Selfies And Teenage Body Image

From Facebook and Twitter, to Instagram and Snapchat, it’s no secret social media has become a common form of communication, but have you ever left your feeds feeling bad about yourself? If so, you’re not alone. Read the rest of the article here.

Indian Teen Accidentally Kills Himself In Selfie Tragedy

A teenager in India has died after accidentally shooting himself while posing for a selfie with a loaded handgun held to his head, police said Tuesday. Read the article here.

Q+A: The Secret Lives of Teens Online

Christianity Today interviews author Nancy Jo Sales are her new book American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers. Read the interview here.

Belong to Gen Y? You Will Take Over 25,000 Selfies In Your Lifetime

If you belong to the millennials’ club — those born after 1980s – and continue your love with selfies till you grow old, you will have a collection of over 25,000 selfies during your lifetime, an interesting research has revealed. Read the article here.

A Selfie Obsessed Generation (Infographic)

This infographic called: Selfie Obsession: The Rise of the Social Media Narcissist is timely. Check out the infographic here.

Don’t Judge Challenge: Why Teens Are Getting ‘Ugly’ for Social Media

Teenagers across the country are applying fake eyebrows, acne and blacked-out teeth — for a new viral social media trend called the “Don’t Judge Challenge.” Read the article here.

Prom Enters Digital Age: Girls Must Email Selfies to School for Dress Approval

One schools efforts to stop girls from showing up to prom in inappropriate dresses is to send selfie pics of their dress for approval. Read the story here.

Ouch! Don’t Take the Kyle Jenner Challenge

A disturbing new trend where teens try to plump up their lips through harmful methods spread across Twitter this past weekend. Read the article here.

Sideswipes: We’re at a Weird Moment in Narcissism

The selfie has created a sideswipe between ego and audience, and our society has yet to figure out what to do with collision. Read the article here.

How Girls Are Seeking (and Subverting) Approval Online

From selfies to shout-outs, girls are using social media both to build up and break down their self-image. Read the article from Common Sense Media here.