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TikTok Stars Are Preparing To Take Over The Internet

Less than a year after its U.S. launch, the platform is poised to dominate the American social-media landscape and upend the creator ecosystem. Read the article here.

Fortnite Announces Competitive Season

In less than a year, Fortnite has grown to 125 million players. To celebrate the community and embrace competitive play, Epic announced they will be providing $100,000,000 to fund prize pools for Fortnite competitions during the 2018-2019 season. Read the announcement here.

Accepting More Facebook Friend Requests is Linked to Lower Mortality, Study Says

Think online social networks have no bearing on your real life? Think again. Scientists who studied Facebook activity and mortality rates of registered California voters found that people who received many friend requests were far less likely to die over a two-year period than those who did not. Read the full article here.