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China’s Selfie Culture: Youth Obsessed With The Power Of Appearances

Meitu’s popular apps and a flippant attitude towards plastic surgery are changing what it means to be beautiful, but the result is not always pretty. Read the article here.

Gen Z’s Head Game

The seemingly self-obsessed behavior of selfie taking hides some dark patterns regarding body image. Read the article here.

Most Popular Beauty Vloggers on YouTube

With more than 400 channels devoted to beauty and fashion, YouTube is essential viewing for any tween or teen eager to learn the secrets of makeup, hair, and personal style. Read the article from Common Sense Media here.

Nudity and Social Media Harm Girls

Celebrities routinely appear in compromising and salacious photos, and the tabloid press rewards them with adoring attention. Read the article here.

These 5 Teens Can Thank The Model Who Left Instagram For Lessons On The Dark Side Of Social Media

High school students from Southern California react to a popular Instagram model swearing off social media.

Read their reactions here.

What Happens When A Famous Instagram Teen Stops Being Polite and Starts Getting Real

Instagram-famous teen and Australian model Essena O’Neill is using the huge platform she amassed by posting bikini photos and brunch tableaus to expose the truth about social media: that it’s “fake” and almost entirely staged.

Read the article here.

Ouch! Don’t Take the Kyle Jenner Challenge

A disturbing new trend where teens try to plump up their lips through harmful methods spread across Twitter this past weekend. Read the article here.

Nip, Tuck, Click: Demand for U.S. Plastic Surgery Rises in Selfie Era

Plastic surgeons in United States have seen a surge in demand for procedures ranging from eye-lid lifts to rhinoplasty, popularly known as a nose job, from patients seeking to improve their image in selfies and on social media. Read the article here.

Our Bodies, Our Selfies: On Body Image Online

Christianity Today takes a look at the approval-seeking scrutiny of social media’s selfie-mania. Read the article here.

Young Women with Sexy Social Media Photos Seen as Less Competent

The photos that young women post on social media sites can impact the way people view them. Read the full article here.