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My Teens Don’t Use Social Media, But Even They Can’t Escape The Pressure Of Perfectionism

My teenagers face a constant stream of information and a culture encouraging them to never unplug. No wonder our kids are under pressure. Read the rest of this opinion piece here.

Teenage Fears

Through their social media feeds, teens have access to a constant flow of news and information. Research suggests that this is taking a toll on them and increasing their anxiety. Read the article here.

Social Media Is Fueling A Scary Trend For Teen Anxiety

Experts in teenage mental health say social media is a significant factor in a rising tide of anxiety among teenagers and adolescents. Read the article here.

Gen Z’s Head Game

The seemingly self-obsessed behavior of selfie taking hides some dark patterns regarding body image. Read the article here.

A Good Night’s Sleep A Better Alternative To Teen Nap Clubs

A look at lack of sleep, teen naps clubs, and the pressures high schoolers face, especially the pressure of getting accepted to college. Read the article here.

Social Media Stressing Teens, Parents Say

Parents worry that social media is contributing to elevated levels of stress in their young teenage children, according to a new survey of 579 parents with kids ages 13-15 conducted by WebMD in February and March. Read the article here.

Got FOMO? Practical Tips for Easing Kids’ Social Media Anxiety

Fear of missing out can make social media-using teens feel stressed. Common Sense Media shares how you can help. Read the article here.

FOMO Linked to Stress In Teens

More and more evidence continues to emerge linking social media to stress, depression, and other negative outcomes in teens and adults. Read the article here.