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The Effects Of Technology On Teens

In a world of remote-learning, Zoom calls, and streaming, do the benefits out weigh the risks? Read the article here.

How Hip-Hop Royalty Found A New Home On Instagram Live

The pandemic halted in-person gatherings, but a new type of party was born on social media, with rap stars leading the charge. Read the article here.

Digital-Only Festivals Redefine Immersive Entertainment

Recently, brands are bundling aspects from both music and video games into can’t-miss digital-only festivals where participants tune in for immersive entertainment from the comfort of their consoles. Read the article here.

Music Revenues Rise Double Digits In 2017

Streaming media platforms remain profitable for the music business — especially with paid streaming subscriptions. Read the article here.

Time With Tunes: How Technology Is Driving Music Consumption

On average, Americans spend just over 32 hours a week listening to music in 2017, up 5.5 hours over last year. Read the article here.

Listen Up: Podcasts For Gen Z Are Flourishing

Interest in podcasts has grown in the past year as programs across this medium have diversified. While many of the hits are aimed at adults, lately, there’s a boom in podcasts specifically for Gen Z. Read the article here.

Playlisting: The 21st Century Mixtape

The premise of compiling a special collection of songs on a tape or CD and sharing with a friend or love interest hasn’t gone away in the digital age. Read the insights from Nielsen here.

Millennials Aren’t Very Interested In Traditional Radio Any More

In lieu of radio, younger millennials have turned their ears and their attention to streaming, with many of those polled opting for on-demand options. Read the article here.

New Vevo Study Defines Types of Music Fans

The new Music Fan Report from Vevo attempts to define what that wily millennial demo is all about. Read the article here.

The Music Industry Wants to Fight the Internet Again – And It’s Probably Going to Lose

With record companies battling streaming music services, such as Spotify, are we headed for another “Naptser” situation? Read the article here.