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Heavy Smartphone Use Tied To Anxiety, Loneliness, Depression

New research suggests the convenience of smartphones can facilitate overuse and addiction. Read the article here.

Teens Are More Depressed And Isolated Than Ever Because Of Smartphones, Researcher Claims

  • There’s a strong link between the amount of time they spend looking at screens and how sad they feel. Read the article here.

How The Blue Whale Challenge Manipulates Teens

The game apparently coaxes vulnerable teens to take a series of 50 challenges ranging from waking at odd hours, to self mutilation to eventually killing themselves all the while sharing their experiences via social media with the administrators. Read the article here.

6 Ways Social Media Is Ruining Our Friendships

Don’t let digital interactions replace real-life intimacy. Read the article here.

Do Your Students Struggle With Hikikomori?

Hikikomori is a phenomenon first read about in Japan, but it has spread to other cultures such as Spain, France, Italy, and Latin America. It’s a trend describing socially withdrawn youth. Read the article here.

Teens and Young Children Are Most At Risk For Developing Internet Addiction

The need to constantly be “plugged in” can lead to many health and developmental problems for young people. Read the article here.

The Internet is Fertile Ground for the Mosaic of Allegiances out of Which Teens Build Identity

Your teens years are a time to try on a bunch of different self-concepts. Read the article here.

‘More Connected, Yet More Alone’

As our society (and our lives) become more saturated with technological devices, is our “connected” culture creating a society of lonely people? Read the article here.

Those Phone-Obsessed Teenagers Aren’t As Lonely As You Think

Loneliness may be part of the human condition, but social media don’t seem to be harming teenagers’ social lives. Read more here.

Social Media ‘Glorifies and Normalizes Suicidal Behavior’ In Young People and Teenagers

An Australian study warns that social media is exposing more and more youngsters to suicide. Read the full article here.