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Under Employers’ Gaze, Gen Z Is Biting Its Tongue On Social Media

Only about 1 in 10 teenagers say they share personal, religious or political beliefs on social media, according to a recent survey from Pew Research Center. Read the article here.

How Video Games Turn Teenagers Into Millionaires

From making their own games, to broadcasting live online, to playing professionally in packed stadiums – how entrepreneurs in their teens and twenties earn a living on video games. Read the article here.

Programs That Help Teens Learn Code Take Off

Programs that educate and engage teens in the coding arts are multiplying substantially. Read the full story here.

You Need a Digital Detox (Trust Me)

68% of mobile phone users take their devices to bed with them. Read the full story here.

Facebookers, Beware: That Silly Update Can Cost You A Job

Study shows that companies have rejected 1 in 10 people between ages 16 and 34 because of something the person shared on social media. Read the full article here.