The Local Youth Worker Podcast: Episode 315 – Teens & Technology with Dr. Walt Mueller

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Listen to episode 315 titled “Teens & Technology” featuring CPYU’s Walt Mueller by clicking here.

Kids and Too Much Screen Time

Madonna and Smartphones

Sexting Stats

Stats on Teens and the Internet

ScreenTime – Diane Sawyer Reporting

Diane Sawyer takes a look at the issue of family screen time in a special report for ABC News. View the video here.

From the ABC News page:

Today, American adults spend the equivalent of 49 days a year on their phone and tablets. For six months, Sawyer and her team traveled across the country talking to families, teachers, doctors and even tech insiders to pursue questions, answers and solutions. From coast to coast, a question: People love the wonders of technology, but have they become too consumed with the little screens in their pockets?

Social Media Compromises

Age of First Porn Exposure

Momo Challenge

Porn and Sexual Dysfunction

Porn Free Teens 5

Porn Free Teens 4

Porn Free Teens 3

Porn Free Teens 2

Porn Free Teens 1

Social Media and Depression

If Your Kid Looks at Porn

Smartphones at What Age?

Dangerous Selfie Trends

Digital Gap

Social Media Bragging

Smartphone Addiction

No Phone In School

Texting While Driving

Children and Digital Screens

Fortnite Coaches and Overparenting

Depression And Social Media

Screen Time And Unhappiness

Handling Porn Temptations

Tech Addiction

Screentime And Spiritual Nurture

Family Time vs Phone Time

Time On Phone

Teens And Face To Face Conversation

Video Gaming Trends

Online Curation

Digital Reading

Screentime And Mental Health

Smartphones And Suicides

Parents And Phones

Stats On Teens And The Internet

Brain Research And Sleep

Women And Porn

Tech And Motor Skills

What Happens Online

Rinstas and Finstas

Sexting Prevalence

Experts on Scree Time Limits

Time on Phone

Dinner Texting

Teens and Face to Face Conversation

Video Gaming Trends


Online Curation

Screen Time and Unhappiness

Tide Pod Challenge

God-Honoring Online Experiences

Kids And Sleep

Electronic Addiction

Tech Boundaries

Parents And Digital Distraction

Porn At Younger Ages

Online Comparison


Sexting App

Digital Self-Harm

Facing Pornography

Online Predators

Screentime Dangers

Internet Addiction

Tech and Exercise

Selfie Viewing

Online Safety

Dating Abuse and Technology

Should Parents Snoop

Andy Crouch: Managing Technology

Is Social Media Causing Depression In Teens?

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

Smartphone Addiction

Media Violence and Agression

Texting and Conversation

Phones and the Decline of Sociability

3 Places to be Phone Free

Teen Distracted Driving

Online Bullying

Teen Texting Language

Parents and Screen Time

Should Parents Snoop?

Backpack Challenge

Online Bullying

Media Discernment

Media Discernment Prayers

Media & Worldviews

Media Limits

6 Ways To Help Your Kids Stop Multitasking During Homework

Taking Charge of The Internet: 3 Key Steps for Parents to Take

Porn #5

Porn #4

Porn #3

Porn #2

Porn #1