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Blackmailers Trade Nude Pics Like Baseball Cards on the ‘Dark Web’

Hackers are breaking into webcams and emails and social networks to gain access to intimate images. They then threaten to make the images public, and share them with the victim’s friends and family, if she does not comply.

Read the article here.

With Streaming and Sharing, Teens Find Ways Around Paying for Music

Free online and mobile music streaming encroaches on the “try before you buy” trend. Read the full article here.

88% of Teens’ Sexual Pics Reposted by ‘Parasite Websites’

‘Parasite’ porn websites stealing images and videos posted by young people. Read the full article here.

‘Kopimism’ Gives Internet Piracy a Place to Worship

A new religion called Kopimism is finding a place to thrive online. Read the full article here.