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Music Revenues Rise Double Digits In 2017

Streaming media platforms remain profitable for the music business — especially with paid streaming subscriptions. Read the article here.

Earbuds Made My Teens Tune Me Out, So I Changed How We Listen To Music

Nicole Roach, for Common Sense Media, explains how her and her husband turned the tables on their teens and got them to unplug and open up about their favorite musical artists. Read the article here.

Time With Tunes: How Technology Is Driving Music Consumption

On average, Americans spend just over 32 hours a week listening to music in 2017, up 5.5 hours over last year. Read the article here.

Playlisting: The 21st Century Mixtape

The premise of compiling a special collection of songs on a tape or CD and sharing with a friend or love interest hasn’t gone away in the digital age. Read the insights from Nielsen here.

Consumers In Canada Are Turning Up The Volume On Music

According to the Canada Music Year-End Report, consumption is at an all-time high, with consumption of albums sales, song sales and audio on-demand streaming up 5% over the previous year.

Read the research here.

Millennials Aren’t Very Interested In Traditional Radio Any More

In lieu of radio, younger millennials have turned their ears and their attention to streaming, with many of those polled opting for on-demand options. Read the article here.

A Music-Making App Designed to Help Teens Deal with Death

Flutter is an app designed to help teens deal with death by making music. Read the article here.

YouTube’s Top 10 Music Videos of 2014

Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” reigned supreme on YouTube this year among music videos. See what else made the list here.

‘You Have to See This!’ – Viral Video’s Musical Impact

Nielsen explores whether the use of songs in viral videos affects song sales. Read the insight here.

Teens and Tunes and YouTube

New data from Niche explores which music listening options resonate the most with teens. Read the article here.