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Gen Z Hit Hardest By Digital Fraud One Year After COVID-19, Study Shows

Fraudsters were more likely to go after Gen Z, 44%, and Millennials, 37%, more than any other age group globally. Read the article here.

Instagram Will No Longer Let Adults Message Teens Who Don’t Follow Them

Teen users will also be shown safety prompts when messaging ‘suspicious’ adults. Read the article here.

Tweets Can Haunt Teens, Young Adults Years Later

Teens and young adults commonly post things online that will come back to haunt them. Read the article here.

How a San Mateo High School Teacher Is Teaching Teens To Spot Fake News

A recent study found that most teens do not think critically about news stories they read online. Read the article here.

What Happens When A Famous Instagram Teen Stops Being Polite and Starts Getting Real

Instagram-famous teen and Australian model Essena O’Neill is using the huge platform she amassed by posting bikini photos and brunch tableaus to expose the truth about social media: that it’s “fake” and almost entirely staged.

Read the article here.

3 Kinds of Apps That Stir Up Drama in Schools

As kids head back to school this fall, beware of social networking apps that appeal to negative impulses. Read the article from Common Sense Media here.

Teens On Social Media Know the Value of Forgetting

Despite being commonly perceived as a negative, the ability to forget has tremendous value… especially online. Read the article here.

A Conversation with a Teenager who “Doesn’t Know” who Paul McCartney Is – Maybe

The Washington Post looks takes an interesting look at a (possible) generation gap, sarcasm, and how it all plays out online and on Twitter. Read the article here.

Teen Sets Himself on Fire for Online ‘Challenge’

A teen was seriously burned after accepting the online “fire challenge.” Read the full story here.

Millennials: Trust No One But Twitter

A generation that’s lost faith in institutions puts itself in the hands of social media. Read the full article here.