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The Facebook Friends Moms Don’t Want? Their Teens

Women who grew up on Facebook find they don’t really want to share every photo, rant and family secret with their kids. Read the article here.

Mom Genes: Looking At The Media DNA Of Working And Stay-At-Home-Mothers

Stay-at-home mothers are using technology at a rapid pace. Read the research here.

Smartphones Are Especially Essential for Millennial Mothers

A look at some common characteristics of millennial moms and how they are using digital, mobile and social media. Read the interview here.

U.S. Mothers Are Checking Facebook More Often

Mothers prefer to check the social media site via their mobile phone. Read the article here.

Moms Who Use Social Media Are More Anxious

Mothers of young children who spend more time on social media are more likely to report feelings of anxiety than peers who spend less time on social media on average, according to a new study from Deakin University in Australia. Read the article here.

The Pressure Is On for Mothers on Social Media

Many young mothers feel stressed about their presence on social media and the need to portray a positive image. Read the article here.