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Online Communities Of Adolescents And Young Adults Celebrating, Glorifying, And Encouraging Self-Harm And Suicide Are Growing Rapidly On Twitter

A community promoting self-harm (specifically, “cutting”) is circulating graphic and bloody depictions of self-injury on Twitter. Read the report here.

Self Harm Triples Among Children And Young Adults Post-Social Media

Child psychiatrists have expressed alarm over a sharp rise in self-harm among teenagers since the advent of social media. Read the article here.

After Years of Alleged Bullying, An Ohio Teen Killed Herself. Is Her School District Responsible?

13-year-old Emilie Olsen killed herself in December 2014. Her parents say she was relentlessly bullied at school, and are suing her Fairfield, Ohio, school district which they say should have been more responsive. Read the article here.

Social Media ‘Glorifies and Normalizes Suicidal Behavior’ In Young People and Teenagers

An Australian study warns that social media is exposing more and more youngsters to suicide. Read the full article here.

Inside the Secret World of Teen Suicide Hashtags

Young people will always find ways to talk about depression, self-harm, and internal pain. Right now these conversations are happening with hashtags on the Internet. Read the full story here.

‘Toxic Childhood’ of Cyberbullying, Social Media and Hypersexualized Culture Leads 1 in 5 Teens to Self-Harm

World Health Organization says 20% of 15-year-olds self-harmed in last year. Read the full story here.