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Meet The Teens Lobbying To Regulate Social Media

Emma Lembke has teamed up with Brown University sophomore Aliza Kopans to found Tech(nically) Politics, a youth lobbying and advocacy group that pushes for social media regulation. Read the article here.

Connection, Creativity And Drama: Teen Life On Social Media In 2022

Majorities of teens credit social media with strengthening their friendships and providing support while also noting the emotionally charged side of these platforms. Read the research here.

Cracking The Emoji Drug Code: How Teens Are Using Emojis To Buy And Deal Drugs

A mother is bringing attention to how emojis can be used as a secret code to purchase and sell drugs after she lost her son to a drug overdose. Read the article here.

How Filtered Social Media Photos Can Affect Body Image

Exploring the link between Instagram photos and body image. Read the article here.

The Hottest App Right Now? One Where Teens Have to Say Nice Things About Each Other

Gas is topping Apple’s App Store charts despite being limited to a handful of states. Read the article here.

Excessive Social Media Use Linked To Depression Onset 6 Months Later

New research finds that people who constantly use social media are more likely to develop depression within six months, regardless of their personality type. Read the article here.

The Complex World Of Teens And Screens

Harvard researchers Emily Weinstein and Carrie James tell us what teens are really doing while on their phones. Read the article here.

Who Was Molly Russell?

Molly’s story shines a powerful light on what more parents and teens are dealing with than you probably know. Read the article here.

How Social Media Is Literally Making Teens Mentally Ill

Seeking validation from mental-illness groups on social media has created a youth epidemic of “Digital Social Contagions,” with alarming rates of addiction, depression, suicide and gender dysphoria. Read the article here.

Teens Love The App BeReal. Am I Just Too Jaded?

A mom tried the new BeReal app for a week and this is what she thinks. Read the article here.