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The Effects Of Technology On Teens

In a world of remote-learning, Zoom calls, and streaming, do the benefits out weigh the risks? Read the article here.

Managing The Increase In Screen Time For Teens During The Pandemic

Because of the pandemic, platforms where day-to-day activities take place are requiring even more screen time. Read the article here.

The Common Sense Census: Media Use by Kids Age Zero to Eight, 2020

The latest research from Common Sense Media is now available. Access the report here.

Electronic Device Usage Nearly Doubled Among US Kids During The Pandemic

The pandemic has been able to make common what would previously have stood out as extreme amounts of screen time. Read the report here.

Teens Benefit With Less Screen Time, More Time With Sports And Art

Walking away from TV, laptops and cellphones and spending more time in sports and other extracurricular activities boosts teens’ mental health, Canadian researchers say. Read the article here.

Teens Who Spend More Time In Extracurricular Activities And Less Time In Front Of Screens Have Better Mental Health, Study Finds

Increased Screen Time For Children And Teens Is Likely Here To Stay

In a period when large numbers of parents and school kids are stuck at home with one another, this is one battle many parents choose to forego, at least for now. Read the article here.

Teens Did Surprisingly Well In Quarantine

More sleep and family time—and less social media—may have made the difference. Read the article here.

Parenting Children In The Age Of Screens

Two-thirds of parents in the U.S. say parenting is harder today than it was 20 years ago, with many citing technologies – like social media or smartphones – as a reason. Read the article here.

The Downside To Screen Time This Fall

The proposed solutions for school in the fall, while completely understandable and entirely rational, are going to need to be carefully watched and managed. Read the article here.