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Kids’ Screen Time Rose By 50% During The Pandemic: 3 Tips For The Whole Family To Bring It Back Down

A newly released review comparing children’s screen time before and during COVID, shows children’s screen time spiked by a whopping 52% between 2020 and 2022. Read the article here.

Teens And Tech: New Report Sees Differences In Usage Depending On Family Structure

Kids living with both parents spend 2 hours less on digital technology daily than other children. Read the article here.

The Complex World Of Teens And Screens

Harvard researchers Emily Weinstein and Carrie James tell us what teens are really doing while on their phones. Read the article here.

Early Puberty In Girls Surged In The Pandemic, And We May Finally Know Why

The time spent during lockdowns scrolling through smart devices for hours on end could be to blame. Read the article here.

School Start Times And Screen Time Late In The Evening Exacerbate Sleep Deprivation In US Teenagers

The main reason why a healthy person is unable to naturally wake up without an alarm is that they are not getting the sleep their brain and body need. Read the article here.

Students Who Take Notes By Hand Have Higher GPA, Remember More Than Those Who Type On Digital Devices

Maybe having iPads and computers become a regular part of the classroom isn’t the best idea after all. Read the article here.

Digital Hell: Young Parents’ Inability To Handle Kids’ Screen Time Habits Leading To More Arguments, Family Tension

New research by a team at Edith Cowan University finds many modern parents can’t agree on how to regulate their kids’ use of smartphones and tablets. Read the article here.

Too Much Screen Time For Teens Leads To Mental Health Disorders, New Study Shows

Youngsters who spend a lot of time in front of a screen are at greater risk of developing behavior disorders, warned a new study. Read the article here.

Screen Time Terrors: 7 In 10 Parents Fear Their Kids Are Becoming ‘Internet Zombies’

Is all that time spent on social media, gaming apps, and streaming services turning kids’ brains into mush? Read the article here.

Most Children Under 5 Are Spending An Excessive Amount Of Time In Front Of Screens

Researchers found only a minority of children worldwide are meeting the recommended hours of screen time. Read the article here.