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Genius Ways Companies Get Kids To Do Their Marketing For Them

From check-ins to treasure hunts, today’s promotional campaigns rely on kids’ influence to go viral. Read this blog from Common Sense Media here.

The Growth Of eSports

In the same way that Gen Xers elevated extreme sports in the 1990s and fueled the launch of the X Games, younger Gen Ys and Zs are driving the growth of eSports. Read the report here.

Teens Don’t Know Whether To Trust Ads

Survey finds group almost evenly split regarding their confidence in advertising’s veracity. Read the research here.

How a San Mateo High School Teacher Is Teaching Teens To Spot Fake News

A recent study found that most teens do not think critically about news stories they read online. Read the article here.

How The New EU Data Privacy Laws Change The Kids and Teens Ad Market Forever

New European legislation not only calls for parental permission for kids to sign up on social sites, but also alters the restrictions of online advertising to children. Read the article here.

Do We Really Want Virtual Reality?

Technology and marketing companies are excited about the emerging virtual reality opportunities, but should we be excited… or terrified? Read the article here.

Microsoft: Digital Trends 2015 White Paper

Microsoft has released insights into the digital consumer in their Digital Trends 2015 white paper. You can read more about the research and access the white paper here.

Why Chatbots are the Next Frontier in Teen Marketing

Will brands soon engage with teens using chatbots? Actually, many already are. Read more here.

Millennials Are Cashing In On Their Social Influence

Welcome to the new age of influence, where 20-something content creators can make big money online. Read the full article here.

How Internet Culture Gets Borrowed for Ads

Taking a look at the way marketers use Internet memes to hype their products. Read the article here.