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Does ‘Smartphone Addiction’ Show Up In Teens’ Brains?

Teens fixated on their smartphones experience changes to their brain chemistry that mirror those prompted by addiction, a new study suggests. Read the article here.

Smartphone Addiction = Brain Chemistry Imbalance

Researchers have found young people addicted to smartphones and the internet display an imbalance in their brain chemistry. Read the article here.

The Heavy Price Parents Pay When iPhones Becomes Babysitters

Tim Elmore discusses technology and the emotional needs of kids. Read his blog post here.

Sean Parker Unloads On Facebook ‘Exploiting’ Human Psychology

Sean Parker, the founding president of Facebook, gives us a candid look at how social networks purposely hook and potentially hurt our brains. Read the article here.

The Worrisome Effects Of Teenage Smartphone Addiction

Psychologists are worried about the effects of the smartphone on our kids. Read the article here.

TV/Video Games In Bedroom Can Lead To Child Issues

New research suggests that when a child has a TV or video games in their bedroom, negative consequences may happen. Read the article here.

Best Way to Annoy Your Teenager? Ask for Help With Technology

For many parents trying to figure out how to use the latest technologies, their teenage children are their only lifeline.

But it appears youngsters resent having to help their mothers and fathers with gadgets, with 62 per cent describing it as their biggest irritation.

Meanwhile having to do household tasks came second on the list and just over one third (34 per cent) said their largest gripe was their parents kissing in front of them.

Read the full article here.

Moods, But Not Depression, Found Contagious in Adolescent Social Networks

New research suggests that both good and bad moods can be ‘picked up’ from friends, but depression can’t. A team led by the University of Warwick has examined whether friends’ moods can affect an individual therefore implying that moods may spread across friendship networks. Read the full article here.

How The Smartphone Affected An Entire Generation Of Kids

Teens and young adults all have one thing in common: Their childhood or adolescence coincided with the rise of the smartphone. Read the article here.

The iPad Is A Far Bigger Threat To Our Children Than Anyone Realizes

Ten years ago, psychologist Sue Palmer predicted the toxic effects of social media. Now she sees a worrying new danger. Read the article here.