Hyper Connected 24/7: Kids and Social Media

Presented by Walt Mueller.

What would the children and teens you know do if you asked them to give up their cellphones and Internet connections for a day? It wouldn’t be easy. Our kids are increasingly tethered to their technology, so much so that many experts see cellphones and Internet connections as extensions of their young arms and legs. Because they’re not sure what they’d do without them, it’s our responsibility to teach them how to live life with them. In this seminar, Walt Mueller will take you into the world of kids and their hyper-connections, looking at why the connections are important, how those connections shape their lives, and what we can do to nurture them into living to the Glory of God in their hyper-connected world.

Hyper Connected 24/7 utilizes audio and video clips throughout the presentation.

Presented in 2-3 hours, Hyper Connected 24/7 is suitable for an evening seminar.

Other formats are available and offered for conferences, seminars, retreats, meetings and community programs. To discuss schedule variations, honorariums or to book this seminar, please contact Cliff Frick at the CPYU office.