The Digital Brain: Understanding Technology’s Impact On Our Kids

Presented by Walt Mueller.

In a world where kids are interacting with technology and media for more than 7 and-a-half hours a day, researchers are now unpacking how that immersion is shaping the way kids think, read, write, and research. Yes, spending life in front of big screens and small screens is rewiring our kids intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. In this seminar, Walt Mueller will guide you into an introductory understanding of the fascinating and frightening world of growing data on kids and technology, along with practical strategies and responses you can employ with the kids you know and love.

The Digital Brain utilizes audio and video clips throughout the presentation.

Presented in 2-3 hours, The Digital Brain is suitable for an evening seminar.

Other formats are available and offered for conferences, seminars, retreats, meetings and community programs. To discuss schedule variations, honorariums or to book this seminar, please contact Cliff Frick at the CPYU office.